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Bride and Groom in front of wooden church door with veil flying in the windBride and Groom in front of wooden church door with veil flying in the wind

Cristie and Jimmy's wedding was so beautiful, it's been picked up all around the internet at some of the top wedding blogs in San Diego and beyond! Their epic party was picture-perfect from start to finish with gorgeous details like hand drawn calligraphy, stunning pink and cream florals, a perfectly draped tent for dancing, and a stunning sunset complete with romantic hot air balloons off in the distance. Their big day wasn't just beautiful, however, they also managed to throw a wild dance party to the tunes of Encore Event Entertainment, and their guests were LOVING IT! Amid the fog and lights, even the bride and groom were getting down and letting loose, and things got a little wild! Check it out, with other great moments from their day below:   

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-6Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-6 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-15Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-15

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-17Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-17

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-14Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-14

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-20Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-20 Modern elegant santaluz club wedding in San Diego, CA. Gorgeous beaded lace bridal gown by Mia Bella couture.

Cristie's bridal accessories in muted tones of snow white, pale pink, and creamy ivory popped perfectly against the colorful background of the Santaluz Club in Black Mountain Ranch. Her gorgeous gown from Mia Bella Couture, with its bedazzled lace and stylish silhouette, looks right at home amongst the rustic, yet modern surroundings. 

Elegant modern santaluz club wedding in San Diego, CA.A Toast to Beauty makeup services working on the bridal party. Modern elegant santaluz club wedding in San Diego, CA. Bridesmaids in cute matching pajamas. Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-66Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-66 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-123Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-123 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-75Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-75

The girls got ready in the CUTEST matching PJs you'll ever see, sipping on drinks while the superstar makeup artists from A Toast to Beauty made them look their very best. Soon after, was time to take some seriously cute portraits of Cristie and her girls having a great time all around Santaluz. We had a blast with the bridal party while their second photographer was hanging with the guys:

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-159Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-159 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-188Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-188 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-201Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-201 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-215Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-215 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-222Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-222

Clearly, Jimmy and his friends are a bunch of goofballs who know how to have a good time! They were looking sharp in their grey suits and navy accent pieces as they romped around the club taking pictures. After taking some shots, both silly and sweet, of the groomsmen, the big moment of the couple's first look was upon us! 

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-227Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-227

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-267Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-267 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-234Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-234 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-247Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-247 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-242Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-242 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-266Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-266 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-304Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-304

There were smiles and happy tears all around as the happy couple saw each other for the first time in their wedding attire. After a group shot, they started preparing to head to the church and down the aisle to become husband and wife! 

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-351Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-351

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-371Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-371 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-355Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-355 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-378Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-378 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-381Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-381 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-384Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-384 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-395Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-395

After a sweet exchange between Cristie and her dad, the two took their places at the end of the aisle for that special walk, and the anticipation was tangible in the air as Jimmy waited patiently for his beautiful bride to come through the doors.

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-387Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-387 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-398Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-398 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-424Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-424

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-433Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-433

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-438Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-438 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-468Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-468 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-470Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-470 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-476Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-476 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-527Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-527

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-533Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-533

Their traditional Catholic ceremony was heartfelt and beautiful, and the setting itself, with its open, airy feel and vaulted ceilings, was almost as beautiful as the vows. The newlyweds looked absolutely overjoyed as they turned to face the congregation of friends and family as husband and wife, and they smiled constantly as they made their way back down the aisle. After some family photos at the altar, everyone headed back to Santaluz to get the party started! Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-633Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-633

We loved these huge wooden doors as a backdrop for some amazing couples portraits!              


Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-606Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-606 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-610Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-610 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-643Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-643

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-647Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-647 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-648Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-648 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-649Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-649 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-650Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-650

The cocktail hour was glamorous and perfectly styled, and the photo table was such a cute and personal touch! 

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-651Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-651

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-653Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-653 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-655Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-655 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-656Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-656 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-657Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-657 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-660Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-660 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-723Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-723 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-749Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-749

The reception tent at Santaluz was draped and decorated with beautiful blooms, chiavari chairs, gorgeous glass peices, and cute personal touches galore! The custom designed paper goods by Just Jurf were an amazing upscale touch and looked fantastic on the tables, adding a pop of pale pink to the classic white linens.

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-750Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-750 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-751Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-751 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-753Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-753 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-754Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-754 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-755Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-755 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-756Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-756 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-757Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-757 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-758Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-758 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-760Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-760 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-763Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-763 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-808Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-808

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-834Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-834 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-848Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-848 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-859Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-859    

After a sweet first dance, the party started! Encore Event Entertainment was getting the crowd going with fog, lights, and great music, and everyone was in the party spirit. 

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-910Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-910

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-921Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-921 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-911Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-911

After a quick break for some breathtakingly gorgeous sunset photos, the newlyweds headed back in for more dancing and fun!

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-991Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-991 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-994Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-994 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-1010Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-1010

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-1044Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-1044 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-975Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-975 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-984Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-984 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-1067Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-1067 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-1068Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-1068 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-1089Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-1089 Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-1093Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-1093

Amdist all the craziness, the lovely couple managed to sneak away for a few moments of quiet to take some romantic night shots around the venue. It was a perfect way to cap off the night!

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-1102Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-1102

Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-1098Cristie & Jimmy Wedding - HoffmanPhotoVideo-1098

Their Vendor Team:

Event Planning and Design: Wynn Austin Events

Venue: Santaluz Club

Entertainment/Live Music: Encore Event Entertainment

Florals: Organic Elements

Decor/Rentals: Raphael's Party Rentals

Cake: Flour Power Custom Cakery

Hair/Makeup: A Toast to Beauty

Custom Paper Goods: Just Jurf

Dress: Mia Bella Couture

Transportation: Highline Charter







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