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Alexa & Andrew Engagement-HoffmanPhotoVideo-9Alexa & Andrew Engagement-HoffmanPhotoVideo-34126-Amanda & Chris Engagement-HoffmanPhotoVideoMichelle & Chase Engagement-HoffmanPhotoVideo-58Grace & Melvin Engagement Photos-HoffmanPhotoVideo-9248-Amanda & Chris Engagement-HoffmanPhotoVideoDeanna & Trevor Engagement-HoffmanPhotoVideo-4Alex & Eddie Engagement-HoffmanPhotoVideo-86Corinna & Arthur Engagement-HoffmanPhotoVideo-128Stacy & Korry Engagement-HoffmanPhotoVideo-89129-Cristie & Jimmy Engagement-HoffmanPhotoVideo76-Christina & Ryan Engagement-HoffmanPhotoVideoNatasha & Rudi- Hoffman Photo & Video-55A couple cuddling on Pacific beach is silhouetted by the sunset and you can see Crystal pier in the background.Natasha & Rudi- Hoffman Photo & Video-26A woman in a dress jumping into the arms of a young man dressed in army fatigues agains a background of the ocean and sky near the Hotel Del Coronado.An engagement couple feeds each other fair food in front of the Giant dipper roller coaster at Belmont Park in Mission Beach, San Diego, California.A long exposure image of a couple kissing as the waves roll in to the tide pools at Sunset Cliffs, California.A couple riding a two seater bicycle down the boardwalk at Belmont Park, near mission beach, with the ocean visible in the background.

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